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Love, Food Podcast

Love, Food Podcast

What if you could write a letter to Food? Pen to paper, you hash out the love/hate relationship and Food’s undeserving power. Details go back years, to your first childhood diet trying to fit in. In this letter, you examine your dusty Food beliefs and wonder which go in the trash, are for others, and which remain in your heart. What if you wrote this all down and Food wrote you back? This is Love, Food. It’s a weekly podcast series for those with a complicated relationship with Food hoping to rewrite their fate. Listen here or on your favorite podcast app.

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Have you been doing the steps to move away from your eating disorder, trying to beat Diet Culture off with a stick, yet wonder if you will ever make it? Committed to recovery yet wonder if you’ll always be flailing? Pull up a chair and take a break. Katie Barbero, author of Fed Up: An Illustrated Guide to Food Freedom, has some insight. Listen here now.




 What were you told about living with your aging changing body? Did you get the message that change is wrong? Or a failure? What would it be like to learn more often that an aging body is supposed to be changing? Kimberly Dark is a sociologist and author of Fat, Pretty and Soon to be Old as well as the upcoming Damaged Like Me. She has so much insight into this part of the Food Peace Journey. You can listen here now.




 Did you use to have a comforting relationship with food until diet culture told you that it was all wrong? What happens when we feel betrayed by the comfort of food? In this episode of the Love, Food podcast, our host Julie Duffy Dillon walks us through how shifting our mindset towards community and radical change can help us with our individual food practices. You can listen here now.





  You dove into your food peace journey, and you’ve learned how to deal with the diet culture chatter. Now what? What do we do when the people we love are not there with us? In this episode of the Love Food podcast, our host Julie Duffy Dillon walks us through how to reshape our perspective towards our families and friends who have not found their food peace. Grab your cup of coffee, or a margarita – you can listen here now.





 Are you getting tired and impatient as you are mending your relationship with food? Dylan Murphy from the Food Freedom Podcast joins us today to give us some steps towards rewriting the narratives that we have learned about our bodies. We also explore how to reshape our food peace journey into something sustainable. Grab your cup of coffee, or a margarita – you can listen here now.





In this special episode of Love Food, we are switching it up! Instead of answering one of your letters, Julie is sharing her knowledge and thoughts about intuitive eating. If you’re someone who has tried and struggled to adopt intuitive eating as a practice, or if you’re curious about what it means, this ep is perfect for you! Grab your cup of coffee or a margarita – you can listen here now.








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