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Our Story

Pari Saharkhiz, MD, MBA

I began a career in healthcare with a medical practice and moved into the pharmaceutical industry where I explored the intricacies of product research and development as well as market introduction. My experience in International Markets as well as Canada helped me to identify gaps in patient care.

Over the years, I found a lack of patient awareness and management options for common conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and fertility issues. Lack of awareness, stressful lifestyle and toxic exposure has led to subfertility in both women and men. In many cases this can be remedied by natural ingredients and lifestyle changes before investing in expensive and high-risk medical intervention.

Elan Healthcare was born from the desire to elevate reproductive health awareness and introduce natural solutions to common conditions. We are a group of doctors and scientists dedicated to the research and development of natural health products. Our vision is to grow our reach across the globe and become a household name in dietary supplements. Our mission is to create awareness and natural solutions for common health conditions.

Elan Healthcare’s mandate is to produce natural health supplements manufactured to the highest standards. The superior processes and high-quality ingredients have led to the creation of supplements which support subfertility due to toxicity and stress. Our team at Elan launched a global search for high performing plant extracts and natural ingredients. Our attention to this kind of detail reflects our focus on product quality and passion to support people with real health solutions.