Fibra Inc – Nurturing Women’s Reproductive Health Journey

Fibra Inc – Nurturing Women’s Reproductive Health Journey

Published on: Mar 05, 2024

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Early Inspirations and Challenges

I'm Parnian Majd, the founder and CEO of Fibra Inc. Our mission extends beyond business success; it's about breaking barriers and challenging societal norms surrounding women's health. Growing up in Iran, where discussing such matters is considered taboo, I witnessed female relatives quietly dealing with reproductive health issues. This sparked a conviction in me that it shouldn't be this way.

Did you know that 80% of people trying for pregnancy face disappointment every month? It's disheartening, isn't it? This realization struck a chord with me, as it could be you, your daughter, granddaughter, or sister struggling to navigate the challenging path of finding those precious fertile days each month.

Why should women shy away from discussing their periods with family members? I've observed individuals whispering about period-related matters, even hiding pain from family. This silence stems from a societal discomfort that I believe should be challenged. Women's health, particularly reproductive health, has been underexplored, resulting in slow innovation and invasive procedures.

I founded Fibra with the mission to empower women by providing maximum information about their health and reproductive system in a non-invasive manner, from the comfort of their homes, and at the right time.

Innovation in Women's Health

Imagine slipping into our smart underwear on specific nights, going to bed, and waking up to personalized fertility data on the app. This non-invasive approach, monitoring parameters overnight, provides accurate information crucial for those trying to conceive, making the journey faster and easier.

In the early days of Fibra, we spoke with 600 women trying to conceive. They questioned the need for messy, inconvenient, and invasive methods in the 21st century. With the wealth of data collected, Fibra aspires to evolve into a comprehensive women's health platform, supporting women from fertility and contraceptives to pregnancy, menopause, and early detection of reproductive system diseases.

Cultural Impact and Breaking Taboos

Fibra is dedicated to breaking cultural taboos around women's health, both in Iran and globally, by addressing these issues boldly and bluntly. Our conferences and talks spark conversations, with women expressing appreciation for the openness in discussing reproductive health in various settings.

We're actively publishing educational content on fertility, pregnancy, and all aspects of women's reproductive health on our Instagram page and website. Creating an open environment within our team, we encourage discussions about vaginal health and conditions like bacterial vaginosis, fostering understanding among all team members.

Find CBC’s news report/interview with Fibra here.  

Legacy and Impact

At Fibra, we envision becoming every woman's trusted friend throughout their reproductive journey, offering insights in a non-invasive, automated manner. Our goal is to spark small, impactful conversations among women, breaking the silence and shame surrounding taboo topics.

Visit our website ( to join our community and be a part of redefining the conversation around women's reproductive health. Together, let's nurture a supportive and empathetic community for women and girls worldwide.

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