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Journey of Excellence

Rooted in Nature, Backed by Science

At Elan Healthcare, we merge centuries-old natural wisdom with cutting-edge research. Founded in the vibrant heart of Mississauga, our commitment remains unyielding: deliver exceptional natural health products to enhance reproductive wellness worldwide.

Our Commitment Beyond Business

Elan stands firm in its dedication to society, environment, and a brighter future.

Locally Rooted

Prioritizing Canadian craftsmanship, empowering local suppliers and talent.

Women First

A beacon for women’s health, shattering reproductive health taboos.


Hundreds of research hours ensure unmatched safety and efficacy.

Youth Empowerment

Fostering the future with Canadian youth initiatives.

The Pillars of Elan Healthcare

Dedicated. Diverse. Driven

Dr. Rasoul (Ross) Soleimani Ph.D.

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Soleimani has spent 10+ years in pharmaceutical R&D. With numerous publications in drug delivery, his expertise stands out. Possessing a PhD in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, he's pivotal to Elan Healthcare Inc.'s innovations.

Dr.Pari Saharkhiz MD

CEO & Co-Founder

Guiding Elan with 20+ years of healthcare wisdom, Pari champions women’s reproductive health and empowerment. A compassionate leader, her journey from patient care to pharmaceuticals inspires us all.

Dr. Lauren Foster, Ph.D

Advisory Committee

With a rich legacy in Women s Health and a professorial background, Dr. Foster seamlessly bridges academic research and real-world applications, ensuring Elan s scientific rigor.

Dr. Jocelyn Wessels, Ph.D.

Advisory Committee

An innovator in Women s Health research, Dr. Wessels’ 16+ years have led to groundbreaking biomarker discoveries. Her patents and accolades celebrate her pioneering spirit.

Dr. Samina Mitha, ND

Advisory Committee

A passionate naturopath, Dr. Samina brings both personal and professional insights to hormonal imbalances, especially PCOS. Driven by her own journey with PCOS, she’s dedicated to patient empowerment and holistic care.

Renée Jean N.d.

Advisory committee

With 25 years in naturopathy, Renée Jean is a renowned figure in natural health. Leveraging her blog and TikTok for outreach, she inspires many. She continually educates through conferences and trainings. Renée is a dynamic presence in the natural health sphere.

Trust, Transparency, & Excellence

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