Why A Professional Midwife Is Important For A Safe Delivery?

Why A Professional Midwife Is Important For A Safe Delivery?

Published on: Jan 12, 2023

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You might have come across a job opening for a midwife at a hospital or health care clinic while browsing BCjobs and would have found it quite surprising to see them still relevant in today's world.

Unlike olden times, midwives have evolved into professionally qualified individuals who provide health care services to pregnant women. Their expertise includes gynecological examinations, guidance about contraceptives, counseling, and staying with the patient during delivery and postpartum. If there is no medical complication, they can help you deliver the baby with slight intervention. Midwives can also care for the patient and baby after the first few weeks of delivery.

Why is a Midwife Important?

Contrary to popular opinion, midwives can help women during the whole pregnancy period and increase the chances of normal delivery. Here is how their presence benefits women:

Ensuring Healthy Diet and Routine:

We all know for a fact how important it is for a woman to take off their diet and routine to ensure safe delivery. Midwives are qualified to help women have a healthy eating and living routine. They can suggest some exercise and foods that will not just strengthen the baby but also help women become stronger and prepare the body for normal delivery. They recommend that women eat foods rich in folic acid, vitamin D, proteins, and iron to avoid complications and reduce their medication intake.



Assisting the Birth Process:

The concept of midwives has radically altered over the years. If you choose to have a midwife during and after pregnancy, it does not mean that it is the only option you have. If you have any complications, midwives inform the doctors about your condition, and if C-section is needed to save the baby, your Midwife will stay by your side for emotional support. Moreover, she also keeps the obstetrician updated about the baby's position and dilation once you get into labor. Her presence will surely keep your nerves calm, resulting in the safe delivery of the baby.

Providing the Much-Needed Support:

It is already proven through extensive scientific research that a mother's mental health directly impacts an unborn child's brain growth. If a woman suffers from stress and depression, it can result in the baby getting colic. Having a midwife around for consistent monitoring and guidance is a relief for mothers.

The constant sense of reassurance helps women stay calm during pregnancy and postpartum depression. The healthier a mother is physically and mentally, the more chances are of normal delivery and a healthy baby.

The post-birth period is difficult for both the baby and new mothers. They need time to rest and ample guidance to recover physically and mentally. Midwives help new moms to get through this challenging time. From family planning to taking care of the baby's needs, they provide complete guidance and ensure nothing is amiss.



What are the types of midwives?

Here are the common types of midwives you will find:

Certified Midwife-Nurses get a BS degree in nursing followed by a master's degree in midwifery. They are highly trained and certified to work as midwives.

Certified midwives have at least a bachelor's degree in nursing and are certified to work in the field.

A direct-Entry Midwife is someone who has studied through different sources, including a university program, self-study, or a midwifery school.

Lay Midwife is not certified or licensed and has informal training through self-study or apprenticeship.

The Bottom Line:

Hiring a midwife has become quite a trend due to the positive outcomes women have experienced throughout the world. Midwives are thought to ease the pregnancy process for women by being their emotional support and an excellent guide during the whole process. Moreover, their postnatal services are a relief for first-time moms. Even if you have a complicated pregnancy, your Midwife will be there by your side along with the professional team at the hospital.

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