Why Do Men Need A Prenatal?

Why Do Men Need A Prenatal?

Published on: Nov 08, 2021

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Did you know that 35-50% of infertility cases are caused by male sperm issues? 

Thankfully there are a lot of natural ways in which men can improve the health of their sperm with supplements. In this article, we’ll discuss different supplements and vitamins and why they can help men’s sperm power.

But first, what causes male infertility? Male infertility can be caused by illnesses, injury, chronic health conditions, lifestyle choices, and other factors. Usually, these factors cause low sperm production, abnormal sperm, and blockages in the delivery of sperm.

When we think about healthy sperm there are three main factors to consider. The man’s sperm count (amount of sperm), sperm motility (how fast they move), and sperm morphology (how they’re shaped). Men must understand that healthy sperm is not always a given.

Quantity: If a man is fertile then they more than likely ejaculate at least 15 million sperm per milliliter. If a man ejaculates less sperm than that it can cause some difficulty getting their partner pregnant.

Movement: If a sperm is to reach the egg for fertilization then it must be able to move, wiggle, and swim through the woman’s cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes. This is a far journey! If at least 40% of a man’s sperm has high sperm motility then they are likely fertile.

Shape/Structure: A normal, healthy sperm should have oval heads and long tails. This shape helps them propel forward and is important for movement.

If you are experiencing male infertility due to a lack of testosterone, or lack of quality sperm then you should adopt male reproductive hormone supplements into your daily routine, such as a male prenatal pill. Male hormone supplements and supplements to increase sperm count, such as prenatals, can improve the health of a man’s sperm, boost testosterone and increase libido.

What Is In A Male Prenatal?

If you’re looking for supplements to increase sperm count or to improve your overall reproductive health, you should consider a male prenatal. Vitamins and supplements for reproductive health are not just for women. Men also need some additional nutrients to boost sperm, and to make sperm thicker and stronger. This helps reduce male infertility as it sets up the body for creating the strongest sperm possible to fertilize your partner’s egg. 

Critical Nutrients for Sperm Development: What Men Should Know

Here are some of the top ingredients you should look for when selecting a male prenatal and male hormone supplement:


L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps sperm develop properly, enhances its motility, and protects it against any oxidative damage. L-Carnitine is found naturally in sperm and seminal fluid. Studies have concluded that it can indeed boost the motility of sperm, which ups a man’s chances of impregnating his partner. It can be a great nutritional supplement to look for in a male prenatal as it makes sperm thicker and stronger, improves motility and chromatin quality (DNA and protein in cells). 


Folate or folic acid is a B-Vitamin that is found in many leafy greens, broccoli, chickpeas, etc. Folate’s main job in the body is to produce and maintain new cells. Taking folate as a daily supplement will help your body increase sperm count as it can better produce these new cells. One study showed that subfertile men who consume high levels of folic acid combined with zinc can increase their normal sperm count by up to 74%.

Vitamin E & C

Vitamin E and C are both antioxidants that protect the body against free radicals. These free radicals can damage cells, such as sperm cells. Several clinical studies have concluded that vitamin E and vitamin C can improve a man’s sperm count and sperm motility. Men who are trying to conceive a baby with their partners should try to consume foods with a lot of vitamin E and C such as, kale, avocado, broccoli, almonds, citrus, and more. If you don’t think you are getting enough vitamins naturally most prenatal vitamins include both of these antioxidants.

Vitamin B-12

B-12 is a vitamin that supports brain and nervous system function and helps produce the necessary components in sperm, and increases sperm count. In a recent study, B-12 increases sperm count by enhancing sperm motility and reducing sperm DNA damage. This positive reaction to sperm quality after taking additional B-12 might be due to a bunch of different factors including increased functionality of reproductive organs, decreased oxidative damage to sperm, decreased inflammation, and more.


As mentioned earlier, zinc combined with folate can increase sperm count and the quality of sperm when taken regularly. Zinc alone is also considered essential for reducing male infertility. Studies show that zinc acts as a hormone balancer helping testosterone, prostate, and sexual health. Zinc deficiency impedes sperm production and is a reason for sperm abnormalities. Men not getting enough zinc might also experience low testosterone levels.


Selenium is a mineral that we usually get naturally from water and some foods, as it is found in soil. It is full of antioxidant properties that protect our cells from damage. Selenium can improve sperm motility, therefore, reducing male infertility. However, there is no evidence to support that selenium improves sperm density. So it is important to combine a selenium supplement with other vitamins and minerals that work to make sperm thicker and stronger.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is another great supplement for male fertility that is found in most animal products and different bacterias. In a recent study, they gave participants a Coenzyme Q10 supplement which resulted in obvious improvement to semen parameters. This means that it was able to boost sperm, make sperm thicker and stronger, as well as improve the sperm shape and motility, 

Male Prenatal Supplements: The Key to Increasing Sperm Count

If you’re looking to improve your male fertility, boost sperm production and improve the overall quantity and quality of your sperm then you must check out a male prenatal. Male hormone supplements are supplements to increase sperm count and promote healthy testosterone levels. Elan Healthcare produces high-quality dietary supplements for male and female reproductive health, including Medfertil which is a male prenatal supplement designed specifically to boost sperm and promote overall wellness. 

Elan exists to aid families on their fertility journey. Visit Elan’s products page to learn more!


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