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Ovofolic Powder, Dietary Supplement for Female Reproductive Health and PCOS Management


Ovofolic one month supply (129g) powder in jar with 2g scoop

 Ovofolic is specially formulated for the reproductive health of women with PCOS. Myo-inositol (MI) and D-chiro-inositol are two inositol stereoisomers, which have been proven to be effective in PCOS treatment for women. 

  • MANAGES PCOS SYMPTOMS - Most women who suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome grow small cysts in their ovaries that lead to hormone imbalances. Our PCOS supplement helps manage symptoms of PCOS for a healthy ovary.
  • SUPPORTS NORMAL MENSTRUAL CYCLE - PCOS causes menstrual irregularities and excessive androgen levels. This inositol powder helps regulate your menstrual cycle to support female hormone balance.
  • HELPS LOWER CHOLESTEROL LEVELS - Myo and D Chiro Inositol combine with the choline in your body to produce lecithin, which is essential for lowering cholesterol by breaking down fats. 
  • ASSISTS IVF OUTCOMES - With 2000mg of Myo Inositol and 200mcg of Folate, our inositol supplement helps increase egg quality, allowing better in vitro fertilization outcomes. 
  • 40:1 RATIO - Administering MI/D-chiro-inositol in our dietary supplements' physiological plasma ratio ensures better clinical results such as reducing insulin resistance, androgens' blood levels, and cardiovascular risk as well as regularizing the menstrual cycle with spontaneous ovulation.