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young couple upset about negative pregnancy test, infertility concept

Is your smartphone keeping you from starting a family?

As much as we rely on our personal devices and gadgets, it turns out they could be having a significant impact on our fertility, particularly for men. Recent studies have shown that the radiation emitted from our phones and other electronic devices can lead to sub-fertility in both men and women. 

cute sperm cells and tips to boost male fertility

Things to Do To Enhance Male Fertility

1 out of 6 Canadian couples experience infertility. 3 out of 10 times, men are the cause of infertility. There are some simple things men can do to help increase their fertility potential. In this article, we’ll look at 10 things men can do to help enhance their fertility.
Side view two generations mature 60 years old mother and millennial grown up daughter sitting opposite each other, holding hands,  discussing health problems.

How to Navigate Conversations about Your Fertility Journey

Be in control of your fertility journey and understand how to navigate conversations about it. Find the right support, set boundaries and deal with emotional events.

Beautiful happy pregnant african woman hugging her tummy, sitting on sport mat, enjoying her pregnancy

Top Ten Health Care Tips During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing and often overwhelming experience. During this time, it is essential for expecting mothers to take extra care of their bodies and minds. Read this blog for 10 top tips for pregnant mothers. 

friendly midwife doing checkup on pregnant woman

Why A Professional Midwife Is Important For A Safe Delivery?

Midwives can help women during the whole pregnancy period and increase the chances of normal delivery. Here we discuss how their presence benefits women.

Confident smiling young man pointing up on chemical structure of testosterone molecule drawn on chalkboard background

6 Signs You May Be Suffering from Low Testosterone

Recognise the signs that you’re suffering from low testosterone. Understand the causes, the risk if left untreated, how to diagnose the condition, and the best ways to treat it.

fried egg and scallions, fertility concept, sperm health

7 Simple Steps To Boost Male Fertility And Sperm Health

One of the most common causes of male infertility is sperm health. In this blog, we’ll be going through the meaning of sperm health, the causes of poor sperm health, and ways to boost sperm health naturally. 
Tongkat Ali, roots, green leaves and powder have medicinal properties

Tongkat Ali: All You Need To Know

Discover all you need to know about Tongkat Ali, including its bioactive properties, health benefits, side effects, and recommended dosage. 
Happy excited couple making positive pregnancy test and celebrating

Getting Pregnant: Fertility Tips for Moms to Be

In this article, we are going to discuss the common health issues that can prevent women from conceiving, and some vital fertility tips to help you overcome all issues and become pregnant.
couple wishing for a positive result of a home pregnancy test with their fingers crossed

5 Tips on How to Increase Fertility After 30

While your biological clock is ticking after the age of 30, you can still increase your fertility. Here are some tips for men and women trying to conceive.

Sports supplement,  l-carnitine, capsules and powder

The benefits and Side Effects of Carnitine and CoQ10 Supplementation for Male Infertility

Carnitine and CoQ10 are two supplements that have been shown to provide a number of health benefits. In this article, we will specifically be looking at their effects on male infertility.
Baby desire. Planning for pregnancy

Self-Care: Is It Important While Trying to Conceive?

Self-care holds immense importance for a would-be mom. You should start paying attention to your own health at least three months before you start trying to conceive.

Inositol and IVF: What you need to know about this game changing nutrient

Inositol and IVF: What you need to know about this game changing nutrient

Inositol has many important roles within the body, including those crucial for female fertility. Research suggests that this simple, natural compound can make a significant difference to the success of in-vitro fertilization(IVF). This blog explains the details...

Folate Supplementation: Do Men Need It?

Folate Supplementation: Do Men Need It?

 pregnant woman sitting on bed

Getting Pregnant with PCOS and Endometriosis

Have you been told to surrender your desire to become a Mom? That because you have Polycystic...
pregnant woman in baby's bedroom

PCOS And Pregnancy: How To Get Pregnant With PCOS & Manage Symptoms

This piece dives into what is PCOS, PCOS symptoms and PCOS fertility treatments that increase a woman’s chances of getting pregnant with PCOS.

blue matches or sperms?

How To Naturally Boost Sperm Count In The New Year

So many men experience low sperm levels and hormone imbalances which is why Elan Healthcare has male fertility supplements designed specifically to help.

Dad and baby looking out the window.

Why Do Men Need A Prenatal?

Did you know that 35-50% of infertility cases are caused by male sperm issues? Thankfully there are a lot of natural ways in which men can improve the health of their sperm with supplements.

Man standing on a beach.

Let’s Discuss Male Menopause, Andropause

Male menopause (andropause) is something that some men might experience that affects their testosterone levels, libido, fertility, muscle strength and more.

 Happy pregnant woman in nature.

The Benefits and Side Effects of Inositol Powder on Pregnant Women

Inositol powder is a supplement often prescribed to help pregnant women reduce their risk of developing diabetes. It is shown to have minimal side effects. Learn more about inositol powder
Baby on dad's shoulders

Testosterone 101 & How It Affects Fertility

The testosterone hormone affects libido, sperm production, and fertility. By taking supplements individuals can naturally boost testosterone and increase male fertility.
Cup full of vitamins and supplements.

7 PCOS Supplements, Vitamins, and Minerals to Help with Infertility

PCOS is a common diagnosis in women. With the right supplements, PCOS can be managed naturally and effectively resulting in increased fertility. Learn more here.

Dad hand and baby hand.

Increase Sperm Count With these Vitamins & Supplements

 Low sperm count and low sperm motility account for around 90% of male infertility cases. Thankfully, these 8 supplements may improve your sperm count and function.
Endometriosis: Prevalence, Diagnosis and Adverse Implications

Endometriosis: Prevalence, Diagnosis and Adverse Implications

March is endometriosis awareness month. In this article, we are going to outline the prevalence, diagnosis and some of the adverse complications of living with endometriosis.
A Review on Male Infertility-Part 2

A Review on Male Infertility-Part 2

In this article, we are going to outline some behavioral and lifestyle modifications that can foster reproductive health benefit in men. 
A Review on Male Infertility- Part 1

A Review on Male Infertility- Part 1

The World Health Organization defines infertility as the inability to achieve pregnancy after one year of unprotected intercourse. 1 out of 6 Canadian couples experience infertility. 3 out of 10 times, men are the cause of infertility.

In this blog post we explore some of the risk factors that contribute to male infertility.